Vision & Mission

Our vision is to become the most prestigious international film festival, and the most succesful film marketing hub in the Asian region, thereby concurrently promoting Malaysian tourism, culture and arts to the international community. This will be achieved through synergistic long term partnership with the Malaysian government, corporate sponsors, local and international media so as to provide a world class platform for an production, film marketing and distribution for film makers around the world.
Festival Theme

The theme for the 3rd KLIFF is “Celebrating Cultural Diversity”. We believe that to achieve global peace and stability, we must start by learning to appreciate cultural differences and sharing information with one another. Films are one of the most popular and effective mediums to stimulate such positive message. We hope we will be able to make a significant contribution towards promoting unity and tolerence amongst the people of the world.
Event Summary

The film entertaiment industry has mass appeal worldwide irrespective of nationality race, spoken language, age and income group. We strongly believe that with the continued support from Malaysian government, foreign embassies in Malaysia, corporate sector and the media, KLIFF will not only provide commercial returns for all participating parties but also promote the spirit of brotherhood and understanding amongst the people of the world.

Malaysia aims to encourage the creation of intellectual proprietary content, utilization of the pool of creative talents, promote filming locations and infrastructure in Malaysia through the smart partnerships and collaborations amongst filmmakers for the global film market.